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Our menu provides a selection of traditional Khmer dishes, as well as simpler western fare. Our most popular choices include fish & chips, traditional Khmer curry, grilled chicken salad as well as a range of burgers and pies. While we offer meat dishes, we also have an extensive vegan / vegetarian menu.
We are open all day (7am-10pm) with our full menu, so please come by for a great coffee and enjoy breakfast! Popular breakfast options include smashed avocado & poached eggs, pancakes as well as full breakfast (both vegan & meat versions).
Any specific dietary requirements? If you have allergies, are celiac, vegan or whatever your dietary preferences, please ask us.
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We donate our profits to educational projects in Siem Reap province

We donate 20% of profits to a chosen charity and 15% is shared among our Cambodian staff. Since 2013, we have donated over US$57,000 to educational projects in Siem Reap.
We are currently donating profits to PEPY Empowering Youth and SeeBeyondBorders.
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Please take a moment to glance at the products on our shelves.
As well as a selection of second-hand books, we promote local,
artisanal products as well as environmentally-conscious products.

We believe education is critical to empower Cambodians and help them make informed decisions, which in turn will reduce poverty. Through education, Cambodia and Siem Reap can achieve a better future.

The framework we use to evaluate these projects was developed in conjunction with our staff:


Spent efficiently?
Spent responsibly?
Spent locally?


Governance and policies.
Partnership with other NGOs or government?


Can we volunteer with you?
Do you need books?
Can we sell your products?


Impact on beneficiaries.
Project risk.
Measurable impact?

Environmental Awareness

New Leaf continually seeks to improve its environmental impact.
10 ideas we’ve implemented