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PEPY Empowering Youth

PEPY’s focus is on improving education standards and providing personal and professional youth development classes in 4 remote high schools and in Siem Reap city. Their approach is refreshing – they have chosen to remain medium sized and focused, and avoid expanding rapidly. PEPY publishes regular quarterly reports where they openly discuss their projects and how they could have been implemented better in the hope that others will learn from their mistakes, demonstrating an audacious and commendable approach to development.

New Leaf primarily supports their Scholarship Project – which provides dedicated but financially disadvantaged rural youth with a comprehensive fund that covers tuition, travel, housing, health care and living costs. During their first year of studies, PEPY also provides scholars hard and soft skill development training in their Learning Center, preparing them for the local job market.

NEW LEAF eatery – See Beyond Borders – Siem Reap


SeeBeyondBorders’ programs in the Angkor Thom area of Siem Reap include:
“Teach the Teacher” – a series of workshops provided to teachers child friendly teaching methods to assist learning.
“Better Schools” – reparation or improvement to infrastructure at the schools.
“Getting to School” – provision of extra curricular activities, such as sport, to make the school experience more fun and thus approve attendance levels.

In 2016, SeeBeyondBorders was awarded the UNESCO Hamdan Prize for their Teach the Teacher programme. SBB currently work with 62 schools to improve education standards for 15,000 disadvantaged children.

NEW LEAF eatery – This Life Cambodia – Siem Reap

This Life Cambodia

This Life Cambodia (“TLC”) is a remarking organization that is predominantly staffed with well-educated Khmers, and has achieved amazing results. For example, their work with young offenders (Cambodian children are routinely placed in adult jails) provides advice, family support and vocational training and significantly reduced reoffending rates.

Their “Lower Secondary School Development” programme works with 2 remote schools. These schools are provided only $1/year per student for maintenance and development of their campuses. TLC provides these schools support in identifying their most pressing needs and training them to apply for grants.

New Leaf donations provided solar power and printers to Preah Theat Lower Secondary School, sponsored a job fair at the school and supported their This Life Without Violence (against women) program.

NEW LEAF eatery – Music for Everyone school – Siem Reap

Music for Everyone School

Music for Everyone School is a free school that provides Cambodian children with music lessons, access to instruments and the opportunity to form a band.  They believe in the positive influence of music in Cambodia’s healing process and maintaining a peaceful society.

NEW LEAF eatery – Safe Haven – Siem Reap

Safe Haven Medical Outreach

Safe Haven Medical Outreach provides assistance and education to families with disabled children. The sad reality of Cambodia is that access for these families to help and advice would be very limited without the efforts of this NGO.

Safe Haven impressed up with their holistic approach to supporting the families, as well as their rigorous dedication to continually improving how they work.

NEW LEAF eatery – YES – Siem Reap

Youth Employment Service

The Youth Employment Service (YES) Center, provides a range of information and support services focused on employment and the world of work. We believe that providing these services centrally is a very positive development as too often these services are unavailable or limited to youths that benefit from the best funded NGOs.

YES Center was merged into Community Care First Organisation (CCFO) at end 2015.

NEW LEAF eatery – Women´s Resource Center – Siem Reap

Women’s Resource Center

WRC is a drop-in center welcoming women to ask questions regarding all aspects of life. WRC has also established a secondary program of educational workshops that are not readily available in Siem Reap, but are assessed as a vital need within the community, such as Legal Aid, Women’s Health, and Parents Talk workshops.

NEW LEAF eatery – Small Art School– Siem Reap

Small Art School

SAS is a self-financed art school, founded by a Japanese art teacher – Tomoko Kasahara, with the aim to provide free art education to Cambodian children, especially to those children who have the will to learn but lack the opportunities to learn.

SAS has had tremendous success, with artwork produced by their children being sold globally, with some of their artists winning international awards. Small Art School has a gallery on the 2nd floor of New Leaf. Their gift cards may also be found on the shelves of our café.

Awards of 1,000 $ or less

Honour Village Cambodia offers schooling and extra learning for the community, a residential home for vulnerable and homeless children, and support work in local villages.

ABCs and Rice provides much-needed free education in English and Khmer and offer various food programs to nourish the children’s bodies as well as their minds.

Khmer Independent Life Team provides education to 25 children and is run by landmine victim and social entrepreneur Bel.

Cambodian Children’s House of Peace provides shelter, education and food to 15 teenagers & youths.

JWOC provides scholarship to around 70 students to support them in attending local University and offers free English and IT classes to nearly 900 local children & adults.


We donated over 2,500 books to local schools and charities.