Located in the heart of Siem Reap, New Leaf Eatery is not just your typical Cambodia restaurant – it is a testament to the transformative power of good food with good intentions. This is no ordinary dining establishment; it is a social enterprise, interwoven with the local community, dedicating itself to a mission that extends far beyond the culinary realm. At New Leaf Eatery, each dish served is a commitment to cultural connection, educational empowerment, and environmental respect.

Upon its inception, New Leaf Eatery set out to redefine the ethos of dining. It operates on the foundational belief that a business can, and should, make a positive impact on society. By donating 20% of its profits to local educational projects, the restaurant has intertwined the joy of eating with the joy of giving.

When you dine at New Leaf Eatery, each spoonful contributes to a narrative much larger than the sum of its ingredients. The unique profit-sharing model of this social enterprise restaurant means that with every bite, patrons are investing in the future of Siem Reap’s children – creating a direct link between the enjoyment of a meal and the welfare of the community.

The financial contributions have substantively supported organizations like PEPY Empowering Youth and SeeBeyondBorders, which focus on empowering the Cambodian youth through enhanced learning opportunities.

PEPY Empowering Youth is an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to young Cambodians. Through their partnership, New Leaf Eatery’s donations support scholarship programs that open doors for underprivileged students to access higher education. By funding these scholarships, the restaurant helps to offset tuition fees, school materials, and other related costs, thereby removing financial barriers that often impede the pursuit of learning. This initiative has lit countless educational paths, transforming the lives of numerous individuals and, by extension, their families and communities.

SeeBeyondBorders focuses on improving educational standards, operating on the belief that quality teaching leads to quality learning. Donations from New Leaf Eatery help to fund teacher training programs and support the development of core subjects such as mathematics. The impact is measurable, with better-prepared teachers fostering a more robust educational environment for students, thus elevating the overall standard of education within the region.

Since its establishment in 2013, New Leaf Eatery has made a significant financial impact, contributing over US$57,000 to these educational initiatives. This Siem Reap restaurant’s commitment to transparency and accountability ensures that these funds are not merely a charitable handout but a well-structured aid that has tangible results. The donation framework adopted by New Leaf Eatery includes evaluating the effectiveness of their financial contributions, ensuring that their support has the highest possible impact.

The restaurant’s profit-sharing model does not stop with external projects; it also reverberates internally. By allocating 15% of its profits to its Cambodian staff, New Leaf Eatery not only fosters a culture of inclusivity and equality but also empowers its employees economically. This profit-sharing approach echoes throughout the community, as increased earnings for staff translate into enhanced livelihoods for their families.

Through these targeted contributions, dining at New Leaf Eatery becomes a philanthropic act that enriches both the diner and the broader society. The restaurant’s model is a case study in how social enterprises can wield business as a tool for social change, addressing the roots of poverty through education. It stands as a testament that when a business embeds social responsibility into its core, it has the power to foster development, growth, and hope within the community it serves.

At its heart, New Leaf Eatery is a catalyst for change, championing a future where the cycle of poverty is broken through education. Each meal thus transcends simple nourishment, becoming a symbolic gesture of our commitment to the betterment of society. This is a model that challenges diners to rethink the impact of their Siem Reap dining choices, presenting an opportunity to feed both the body and the soul.

In every detail, from the curated selection of books available for guests to browse, to the use of repurposed materials in the decor, New Leaf Eatery’s atmosphere is a testament to conscious living. The restaurant is more than a place to dine; it is a sanctuary where culture, compassion, and cuisine intersect to create a memorable experience that resonates with the heart and soul of Cambodia.

New Leaf Eatery’s unwavering dedication to social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and culinary inclusivity make it more than just a Siem Reap restaurant – it highlights what dining out can and should be. From the synergy of ethical practice and flavorful cooking to the serene atmosphere that welcomes every guest, the essence of New Leaf Eatery captures the imagination and the conscience.

For locals and travelers alike, a visit to this establishment is not just a meal – it’s a journey into the heart of what it means to eat well and do good. Here, every visitor becomes part of a larger narrative, one that speaks of hope, empowerment, and the boundless potential of thoughtful consumption. So next time you’re wondering where to eat in Siem Reap, consider New Leaf Eatery – a harmonious blend of taste, purpose, and place.